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▣ I know I have one vote...

posted by admin on October 22nd, 2008 at 4:29 PM (MST)

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I voted absentee today so that I can be free to travel around the state on Election Day if needed. I also wanted to set an example by voting early, because the more people that vote absentee throughout the state, the less congestion there will be at the polling places November 4th.

Yes, there goes my camera shot of me heading to my precinct on the day of the election, but I need to be flexible in case any funny stuff takes place.

As for my opponent, he has really taken an arrogant approach to this campaign. His staff believes only Jesus or Billy Graham has a chance of beating him. He has told folks that he did not want to spend money on a nobody. And he has rejected a chance to debate the issues with me. It is enough to make a man feel disrespected. However, I look at it as making the victory sweeter when the people of Mississippi vote for a change this November.

The press has really taken an interest in the race lately. I have enjoyed the interviews and the stories that have eminated from them. I will be in New Albany tomorrow for a town hall meeting right after lunch and then I will speak at the Overby School of Journalism Forum at Ole Miss around 4:30pm. Those events will alow me the chance to really interact with the voters in great detail, something you cannot do when you are on the stump.

I wish Cochran would have respected the voters enough to participate in a debate, but it will be his loss, in more ways than one. I am going to continue my trek around the state, speaking wherever and whenever I can, to connect with and convince the voters that the time for change in Mississippi starts November 4, 2008. I will never take the voters of Mississippi for granted. I just hope they give my opponent his just desserts for doing so.


Samantha says:

You'll have more than just one vote! You've done an outstanding job with your campaign and will bring the change we need to MS and the Senate. My family and I will be voting for you -- best of luck!!! Fleming and Obama in 08!

October 29th, 2008 at 11:49 AM (MST)

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