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▣ 40 days left and it is starting to get crazy

posted by admin on September 24th, 2008 at 1:44 PM (MST)

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Just as I was going over my itinerary for the next couple of days, I get a text saying McCain is pulling out of the debate at Ole Miss. After verifying that was true, I was stunned.

This is a true political stunt if there ever was one, actually trumping his pick of Sarah Palin as a running mate. I agree this current economic bailout proposal is greatly important and should be thoroughly debated, but suspend the campaign? That is a bit much.

If anything the focus of the debate should be changed from foreign policy to the current economic crisis, and then the candidates should leave Oxford that evening and vote on the bill before them. It seems to me that McCain should have called the Majority Leader to get a timetable on the vote, then make a judgment call.

But this knee-jerk reaction stuff is what you will get if McCain is in the White House.

Meanwhile, I have heard no response from Oxford, Ole Miss or the Democratic Party about what will happen if Obama gives in to this ploy of McCain's, so stay tuned...

This is the kind of stuff you start seeing 40 days out, crazy accusations, bizarre stunts and hectic campaigning. I intend to honor my commitments in Oxford and Tupelo these next two days that are not cancelled. If the debate is a no-go, it will give me a couple of days to work in North Mississippi, shoring up that area which is critical to the election.

Bailing out of a debate, or campaigning for that matter, for a Wall Street bailout is not a sign of leadership.(Of course my opponent has been doing this the entire campaign) I hope the people in Mississippi see that crystal clear and will vote for accountible, visionary leadership instead. I have faith that they will.


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