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posted by admin on September 17th, 2008 at 6:11 PM (MST)

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With 47 days left, we are seeing a tremendous movement of people getting registered to vote. In Hattiesburg today, it was reported to me that the Young Dems there have registered 300 students alone, not to mention the other efforts going on in that community.

We are going to see a historic turnout, and all sorts of hijinks by the Repubs to stop the change that we need in America and Mississippi, including stealing our theme.

The recent Wall Street meltdown vindicates what we have been saying all along about the election being a battle between Main Street vs. Wall Street, Greed vs. Grace. The old guard must not be rewarded in Mississippi for their failure to lead. The arrogance of silence cannot be victorious over the voice of change this November.

We need your support and prayers in the coming days to secure the victory our state and nation so rightly deserve.


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