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▣ 66 days left: Our defining moment

posted by admin on August 29th, 2008 at 7:24 AM (MST)

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It is clear, to those of us who watched Senator Barack Obamaís acceptance speech last night, that Senator Obama is the person we need right now in the White House. In 66 more days, America, and specifically Mississippi, has a serious decision to make.

Either we stay mired in the rut we have been in, represented by the ideas of Bush, McCain, Cochran and Wicker or we take a step toward a better future with Obama, Fleming and Musgrove. I make the comparison of where we are in Mississippi to the people of Israel who had just escaped the culture of slavery in Egypt.

The Israelites wandered around in the desert for 40 years. Now during that time manna fell from the sky so they could eat. Their clothes were not tattered and their shoes never wore down. And yet they were wandering, seeking a promised land, a world better than what they were experiencing.

However, the Israelites caved in to being comfortable in their existence and decided to build a golden calf to worship rather than rely on Godís promise and Mosesí vision. The Republicans, to me, symbolize the Golden Calf mentality. They do not want change. They do not have vision. They are satisfied with America and Mississippi as it is and do not conceive what a promised land would be.

Obama last night admonished us to hold firm and donít waver in our hope. The Bible teaches us to keep the faith. I believe that if the people of America, and Mississippi in particular, adhere to that, we will see real change in Washington, which will mean real change in our lives.

We donít have to wander in a political desert anymore, looking over our shoulder to the past that was desolate and troubling. We have to gaze at the beautiful future ahead of us, the world of opportunity and promise that our parents worked so hard to steer us toward. Mississippi is a better place than we, and others, perceive it as. I am running for the United States Senate, not for personal gain, but to be a catalyst for that change we all need and desire, for that future our children deserve.

My son is now six years old. His desire to learn about the world around him keeps me young at heart. He, and the thousands of children like him in this state, deserves a Mississippi that is full of possibilities. They deserve the best schools, communities and health care. They should not look at a college degree from our institutions of higher learning as a passport out of Mississippi, but as the entry way to build a prosperous and abundant life here on their native soil.

If the people of Mississippi elect the team of Obama, Fleming and Musgrove, the foundation for that promise will be laid out and the dreams of so many of us will no longer be deferred. Change is never easy. Struggle and Progress go hand-in-hand. The choice then becomes do we commit to progressive change or settle for convenience and comfort.

My campaign, as well as the campaigns of Obama and Musgrove, believes the desire for a better future will triumph over the fear of change in 66 more days.


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