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posted by admin on August 7th, 2008 at 7:33 AM (MST)

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We are now less than three months from Election Day. It is a different campaign from 2006 for sure, not just because the opponent is different.

I am looking at an enthusiasm amongst Democrats I have never seen before. People are optimistic about winning both seats despite the obvious tilt toward Musgrove's campaign.

My job will be to continue to travel the state and keep stoking those fires. I will keep speaking truth to power and I believe with the financial and vocal support of Democrats throughout the state, we will pull off the biggest upset this political year.

I knew the odds going in against a guy who has pimped the system to secure his political stature were tough. But I have seen the political process work where incumbents can lose if the people believe it is time for a change.

I sense that this is that time.


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