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▣ The True "Thad Country"

posted by admin on August 3rd, 2008 at 10:45 AM (MST)

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Thad Country?

This is my opponent's commercial. He is calling Mississippi "Thad Country". Here is the true picture of "Thad Country":
- Poorest state in the nation
- Highest percentage of children living below poverty in America
- Highest percentage of citizens without medical insurance in America
- Highest percentage of high school dropouts in America
- Highest forclosure rate in the nation
- Highest bankruptcy rate in the nation
- Highest infant mortality rate in America
- Mississippians pay the highest percentage of household income toward gasoline compared to any other state
- Only 17% of Mississippi's population has a four-year college degree

Meanwhile, my opponent has voted to cut Pell Grants, cut funding for 1,722 police officers, for ending worker's pensions, against middle class tax breaks, against lowering interest rates on student loans, and against pregnant women being added to the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Enough "Thad Country", how about "Fleming Nation"?


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