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posted by admin on June 19th, 2008 at 8:11 PM (MST)

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The truth about the war in Iraq is finally revealing itself. All of these years we were told that our young men and women were fighting for a noble cause, to end terrorism and fight the evil axis that was spawning in a new form in the Middle East. No longer would diplomacy work, but we must act in a pre-emptive manner to dispatch of terror cells and the ruthless dictators that either financed them or gave a wink and a nod to their existence, as long as those groups did not attack their fiefdoms.

Now over four thousands deaths later, we now see what many of us truly believed was the real motivation: control of the crude oil resources in the country of Iraq and the eventual take over of those same resources in Iran. Also, let us not forget the natural gas pipeline that snakes through Afghanistan and Iraq that had to keep operating on the premise the finances generated would help rebuild those war-torn countries.

As I see the major international oil companies go back to business as usual in Iraq, after 36 years of being shut out, I am stunned by my relative calmness over this tragedy. The normal human emotion would be complete outrage, so much so that I could not sit down and write my thoughts, but rather to yell at the television as I heard the news. But the real tragedy is the fact that people like me, who the right-wingers referred to as un-American and non-patriotic, were right after all.

We sent young men and women, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters to fight a war not to preserve democracy and the American way, but to preserve greed, the American vice. A job for mercenaries for hire was given to folks who joined the National Guard to pay off their student loans. Elected officials, judges, fire fighters, police officers and people from every walk of life were called to service, believing they were answering the call that many of their parents and grandparents had received in days past, ending tyranny wherever it reared its ugly head. Instead, they were used as the hence men to promote a tyranny as old as man himself: financial gluttony.

We have always prided ourselves that we stood up against the greatest empire in the world and defeated them. We have defeated every mad man that thought they could take over the world, and repaired the breaches caused by their atrocities. But now, look at what we have become.

All I can think about is the young man who graduated from Bailey High School, enlisted to go to Iraq, and became one of the first casualties of this war. I was there when his mother picked out his grave at Autumn Woods Cemetery, which is located in the legislative district I represented for nine years. And when I see his marble headstone there, I think about what we have allowed to happen. Why did we have to go to this extreme to satisfy our thirst for oil, our lust for money and power?

I cannot be dramatic and say that he and the other young men and women from Mississippi, or from any other state, died in vain. Their commitment to serve was pure and genuine. They died believing in the right things, glory, honor, sacrifice. Their patriotism is the reason why we have protection from enemies foreign and domestic.

I reflect on when I took that oath, how I felt to be considered worthy of being a Marine, worthy of defending our Constitution and the nation for which it guides. Then I get angry. Angry enough to run for the U.S. Senate and vow that, if elected, I would never allow any President to abuse that power again for the sake of profiteering. When I look at my American Legion and NRA membership cards, I get angry enough to dare anyone to say I donít have a right to criticize a government that tries to cover its tracks for political and financial expediency.

I am angry, but yet I write and I campaign. I do what I can, within my ability and power to do, to make this change that is so desperately needed. We are spending $12 billion a month in Iraq, meanwhile bridges are collapsing, schools are overcrowded, levees are breaking, and we are paying four dollars a gallon for gasoline. The Declaration of Independence tells us that we have a right to change our government, and to dispatch of tyrants. We have done a good job of dispatching the tyrants that have emerged around the globe throughout history. This November, it is time to do the same thing right here at home.

Our only weapon is our ability to vote. I made the conscience decision to stand on the front line to play a role in this revolt. I only hope that Americans will join in. The Republicans will say that we all cannot win, that our values are too compromised to convince people to change, especially in Mississippi. My question/challenge to them is have they looked in the mirror lately?

The Bible says what good is it for a man to gain the wealth of the entire world, only to lose his soul. My fellow Americans, I say it is time America regained her soul. It is time for us to truly earn our distinction of being the city on the hill Christ talked about. It is time for this generation to have peace and prosperity, to live and live more abundantly.

Letís bring our veterans of this latest war home and rebuild America with the ingenuity that made us the envy of the world. All it takes is a collective spiritual and political will. All I ask is that you use that aforementioned weapon and join in this truly noble fight.


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