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posted by admin on June 15th, 2008 at 7:15 PM (MST)

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I hope that everyone had a great Father's Day today.

I spent mine with my son on the highway most of the day, coming back from a funeral in Centrailia, IL. It is a blessing to be a father and to see your child learning, playing and observing the world around them. It is truly reliving your childhood over again.

The highlight of the day though was before we hit the highway. All of the men, that were fathers, who had gathered for the funeral, got together and had breakfast this morning. It was beautiful sight to see men, proud of their fatherhood, relaxing amongst family and friends. When all of us walked in the restaurant together we drew the attention of the other diners.

Even though we were the only African-American patrons there, because of the significance of the day, all the other men in the resaturant smiled and gave hearty greetings, bonding if you will on this unofficial, but special, holiday. Proof again that all of us have more in common with each other than what may divide us.

Talk around the table eventually got around to politics, but the important discussion was about family and how we need to keep in touch and stay focused about what is really important.

However, on a more somber note, there was the death of Tim Russert and how everybody I came in contact with reflected on how strange this Sunday was knowing he would not be there greeting us this morning. He will never know the impact he truly had on this nation, but from what I heard this weekend, it was definitely profound and will be surely missed.

On the other hand, Tiger Woods, the newest of dads, showed why he is simply the best. Despite obivious pain and rustiness, he fought and clawed his way to an 18-hole playoff. In the most challenging of golf's major tournaments, Woods overcame the odds to define greatness. Even if he does not win on Monday, those of us mere mortals can say we were privileged to witness this greatness in our lifetime.

These two separate events touch on two things about fathers, one we will never know our total positive impact on our children, but make it we must. And two, depsite what odds the world puts against us, we can achieve greatness with our children if we continue to make the effort, even when people expect us to fail.

Father's Day 2008, one I will remember well and take all its lessons to heart.

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