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posted by admin on June 8th, 2008 at 5:32 AM (MST)

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After the Mississippi Democratic Party Convention held Saturday at my alma mater, Jackson State University, I am more sure now that this is a new "day" in the Magnolia State.

The party faithful are more energized than I have ever seen them before. All of the Democratic nominees that are running have a confidence that will connect with voters from all spectrums. These are exciting times.

More specifically, in this race, our opponent is showing a little sweat already. Cochran is already going to mount an offensive in the black community by highlighting the fact that he was the first Mississippi Senator to hire an African-American to his staff and that he had two blacks on his staff when many of his Southern colleagues had none.

Cohcran is also going to play up his role is securing funds for the Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Heath Center and the Jackson Medical Mall, especially since both facilities carry his name on them.

In past elections, that would probably hurt a Democratic candidate seeking a large turnout from the African-American community. But, as I stated before, this is a new day.

If you have been following the blog, you will see that Cochran has a lot to answer for on his voting record. We will continue to point out how his votes will not match his "compassionate campaign rhetoric." The people of this state are not looking for tokenism or band-aids to big problems.

People don't just want a job, they want good-paying jobs with benefits, or better yet, the opportunity to start their own business and create jobs.

People desire not just a clinic to go to, but afforable health care across the board, including insurance coverage.

People do not want gas prices to get to $5 a gallon, nor do they want to see the price of food spiral out of control.

People are tired of our children fighting unjust wars while we are losing our neighborhoods due to crime and home forclosures.

This is a new day, which demands new leadership. Continue to check the web site for new blog entries addressing specific solutions to these problems and the Issues Page to see the agenda for a better Mississippi for all of us.

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