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posted by admin on May 29th, 2008 at 1:54 PM (MST)

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

There has been a Rasmussen Poll on the Presidential and Senate races for Mississippi that was just released. This is the poll for our race:

This shows us where we are right now with the voters, which proves that we have some work to do. It is imperative now that those of us who believe Mississippi deserves better than six more years of Republican bondage, or even worse another special election a year from now act accordingly.

The campaign is in the process of raising funds for another TV run next month. Please give now on the Donate Page. Also we need funds to make a strong push toward November 4th. This election is far from over. Gov. Musgrove erased an 18-point deficit from earlier this year to make his race dead even. We can do the same.

By the way, the same poll showed Obama behind McCain 50-44. The pundits are already calling this race for Cochran. If there is anything we have learned from Senator Clinton this year, it is that the race is not over until we say it is.

Let's make this happen!


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