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posted by admin on May 14th, 2008 at 7:17 AM (MST)

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With the impressive win by Travis Childers last night in the 1st CD Special Election Run-Off, Mississippi has put itself in play as a possible swing state in the November 4th General Election.

As my good friend Kelli Jacobs pointed out, the Howard Dean 50-state strategy is finally paying off. We have proven that if the national Democrats make an investment in Mississippi Democrats, the people will respond to their message of hope and progress.

Travis ran a marvelous campaign. He fought back when he had to and rose above it when he hit the home stretch. I had the privilege to campaign with Travis in Grenada and Holly Springs over the last few days. The excitement was real and I believe the results proved that.

But now folks, the battle is on! The GOP now has eaten over $1.2 million in a loss in Mississippi. They are not happy and they are already fighting back.

Ana Radelat, the Gannett-paid GOP PR person, did an article today in the Clarion-Ledger warning us Mississippians about the impending loss of seniority of the Mississippi delegation.

Here's the link to the article.

It is nothing more than a campaign piece for my opponent. It does not mention anything about Rep. Thompson or Rep. Taylor other than a reference at the end about their power ranking. It is all about my opponent's "contributions" to the state.

Radelat went on to say that Travis barely won his race last night. Barely is 51%. Travis received 54% with more voters showing up in the run-off than in the first election three weeks ago. Travis alone picked-up over 23,000 new voters when the number needed for victory three weeks ago was 400!

So my fellow Blue Dot Brigaders, the GOP has to put up a fight now in both Senate races. Their arguments against myself and Gov. Musgrove will be experience matters. To be clear, here is what experience means:
. Gas prices going up from $1.48 to $3.72 in eight years.
. Mississippi, despite a growth of per capita wealth in the last year, is still the poorest state in the nation, with 25% of its children living below poverty.
. Mississippi has the highest percentage of bankruptcies, home mortgage forclosures and medically uninsured in the nation.
. 40% of our children drop out of high school and seven out of eight college graduates leave the state for better opportunities elsewhere.

Furthermore, our GOP "dynamic" duo has voted against pregnant women being covered by S-CHIP; consistently voted against tax breaks and economic stimulus packages for the middle class; voted to cut funding of the COPS program; and voted down an $853 million boost to the national Pell Grant Program.

If that's the experience the GOP nominees are touting, Mississippi cannot afford that experience any more. Travis has proven that a message of hope and progress will carry the day, and I, along with Ronnie Musgrove, will do likewise.

It is time to speak truth to power!

BTW, Cochran in the PR piece said that he is not ready to retire (now). If you believe that, I have some weeds by the railroad tracks in Clinton that I will sell you dirt cheap. In the coming days, we'll have him put his money where his mouth is.

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