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▣ Cochran votes against balanced budget that invests in middle class

posted by admin on March 18th, 2008 at 4:17 PM (MST)

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Thad Cochran would rather support the failed fiscal policies of the current administration rather than vote in the best interests of middle class citizens in Mississippi. Cochran on March 14, 2008 voted against the Senate Budget Bill (SCR 70) that passed 51-44. The bill balances the federal budget within the next five fiscal years and makes significant investments in new jobs and true economic growth.

Below is a point-by-point description of how Cochran failed us in his vote against this budget:

JOBS. Cochran voted against approximately 500,000 new good-paying construction and green collar jobs.
MIDDLE CLASS TAX CUTS. Cochran voted against an extension of the child tax credit, against marriage penalty relief, and against lower income taxes for all families, to hold middle class tax relief hostage unless multi-millionaires get more tax breaks averaging $120,000 per year.
AFFORDABLE COLLEGE. Cochran voted against an extension of tuition tax credits that helps make college more affordable to middle class families.
JOB TRAINING. Private employers have cut hundreds of thousands of jobs in the last three months, but Cochran voted against restoring over $2 billion in proposed cuts to job training and vocational education programs to help youth and adults prepare for 21st century jobs.
CLEAN ENERGY. Cochran voted against major new investments in clean energy and the green collar jobs they create.
VETERANS. The budget Cochran voted against includes $3.2 billion more than the Bush budget for veteransí programs, covering the amount veteransí groups have identified as necessary to address shortfalls in health care, prosthetic research, benefits backlogs, and construction.
CLOSE DOWN OFFSHORING TAX SHELTERS. Cochran voted against shutting down tax shelters that let U.S. corporations evade billions in taxes by re-incorporating in the Cayman Islands and other offshore locations.
INFRASTRUCTURE. Cochran voted against a $10 billion investment in the roads and bridges that are the lifeblood of our economy, which would create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.
[Vote #85, 3/14/08; Chairmanís Mark of FY 2009 Budget Resolution, 3/6/08]

Cochran Against Fiscal Responsibility

The national debt has risen $3.7 trillion since Bush took office, yet Cochran voted against a balanced budget that would stop borrowing from China and Saudi Arabia, asking future generations to pay the bills. The average Mississippi family pays $1,500 in taxes each year simply to pay the interest on the Bush-Cochran $9 trillion national debt. [U.S. Treasury Department, accessed 3/14/08; Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 5/15/07; House Budget Committee, 6/27/07]

Courtesy of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee


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