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▣ Cochran not a drum major for middle class

posted by admin on March 15th, 2008 at 11:10 PM (MST)

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According to the Drum Major Institute of Public Policy (DMI), a non-partisan organization that tracks and analyzes legislation that impacts the current and aspiring middle class in America, Thad Cochran has not been a drum major for the middle class since the group started their scorecards in 2003.

Cochran's report card, according to, the Drum Major Institute's website:

2003: D
2004: F
2005: F
2006: F
2007: F

It looks like the streak will continue in 2008 as well. So far, on six key votes tracked by DMI, Cochran is right now at 17 percent, clearly an "F" in anyone's grading system.

"When you vote against chidren's health insurance and consumer protection of toys given to children, you deserve a failing grade," Fleming said.

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