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posted by admin on February 17th, 2008 at 6:12 AM (MST)

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Thanks John for giving me this opportunity to post:

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Roy Pearson says:

*Roy Pearson, '68,* at the request of the Lindblom Alumni Association,is spearheading a Lindblom History Committee to draft a history of Lindblom from 1919-present. The history will be divided into ten year
sections, with a different alumnus responsible for each decade. In addition to a chronological history, it will include essays from alumni on their reminisces and on aspects of the school's culture (its teachers, administrators, neighborhood, bookstore, extra-curricular
activities, etc.). The dire need for this project became apparent due to communications between *Leasha Dixson '74, Jackie (Evans) Moore '74, Leslie Clay '87, and Greg McClain '68*on the
[email protected] listserv (hosted by the Lindblom Alumni Association). Ms. Dixon had done some Wikipedia
research on a police officer, who was a Lane Tech alum. She found that there was not even a Wikipedia listing about Lindblom. You may contact Mr. Pearson directly at *[email protected]* to
volunteer to participate in research, writing, submitting photos, preparing graphics or editing any part of this nine-decade project.
Thanks to the Internet, alumni from coast to coast can participate.
The History Committee hopes to complete a first draft of the history by September 2008.
After the Lindblom History Committee's first conference call meeting,later this month, a tentative outline will be posted on Lindblom-related listservs for comment.

February 17th, 2008 at 2:41 PM (MST)

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